TWiki 4.2.3 JeOS Virtual Machine

TWiki 4.2 JeOS VM

download mirror 1 460MB (USA) TWiki 4.2.3, (does not include VMware):

Easy installation on Windows, Linux and OSX!

Trivial upgrades of TWiki and TWiki Plugins

Summary: This package enables you to quickly and easily install a pre-configured TWiki 4.2 ‘software appliance’ on Windows, by using the free VMware Player or VMware Server – like another computer running within your computer. This generally performs better than a normal WindowsInstallCookbook approach and is easier to install than IndigoPerlCookbook (takes just 5 minutes, a bit like installing a hard disk that has TWiki and Linux pre-installed). Although running TWiki on Linux on top of Windows may seem complicated, it’s actually much simpler than installing TWikiOnWindowsno TWiki or Linux knowledge is needed to get a working TWiki installation!

IDEA! This uses TWiki VM 4.2.3 released on 12 September 2008. It is installed using SvenDowideit‘s fosiki TWiki debian package repository to make upgrades, and installation of TWiki Plugins (with external dependencies) easy.

Author: Sven Dowideit

You might remember me from tools like,,, Docker documentation, or

2 thoughts on “TWiki 4.2.3 JeOS Virtual Machine”

    states that the admin username and password are both: TWikiAdmin

    Unfortunately upon trying to connect to the configure page, TWikiAdmin is incorrect.

    Could you please provide a suggestion on the correct username/pw combo to access http://twiki-vm/cgi-bin/twiki/configure

    I guess you don’t plan to continue updating this package or the installation page for it, but i’m happy to edit out any errors or omissions if you’re OK with it.

    time zone command is actually
    dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

    MTA section is wrong, exim4 is not installed

    location for Configure URL is wrong

  2. OK so I guess i’m spamming your blog.

    In answer to my last question, the default username/pw are actually:
    user: admin
    pass: TWikiAdminUser

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