TWiki (4.2 rc1) Microsoft Windows, OSX and rpm (Centos & Fedora Core i386) installers


These Windows, OSX, Centos and Fedora Core installers are fully integrated native installers that will update your Computer with perl, apache, rcs and other tools needed to run TWiki on that platform.

TWiki 4.2.0 contains many new improvements to TWiki, including a much improved Wysiwyg editor, a structured query engine, a more generic authentication system and at the same time, the Core engine is faster than the previous twiki4 releases.

The TWiki installers include native installs of (only installed if not already)

  1. Apache 2.2 (Windows & rpm)
  2. Perl (ActiveState – Windows & native for rpm)
  3. Gnu Grep (Windows only)
  4. Gnu rcs (All platforms)
  5. TWiki 4.2.0 Release Candidate 1.

Please download it, try it out and report your impressions, ideas, bugs and successes here, on, or in the TWiki Bugs system.

Another TWiki innovation brought to you by distributedINFORMATION &

Use Joomla user and groups in TWiki (JoomlaUsersContrib beta release!)

Joomla logo

The JoomlaUsersContrib enables you to replace the TWiki User and Groups system with a read only access to the User and Groups in a Joomla Database. Registration of new users and their association with Groups is then only handled by Joomla, making it possible to remove the distributed Main web.

I’ve now released a beta version of it to be tried out with TWiki 4.2 beta 3.

Updated TWiki BugsContrib package

WikiRing BugsContrib

I’ve just updated and uploaded a bug fixing release of the popular BugsContrib TWiki application. It is a classic example of a TWikiApplication created using only TWiki core functionality.

I’m planning on updating it to use the new 4.2.0 query based SEARCH’s – but I will continue to support TWiki version 4.0.x and 4.1.x.