Adding Web 2.0 interface JavaScript to TWiki

While updating the YahooUserInterfaceContrib in TWiki to the just releases 2.2 version, I started to work with the BETA DataTable module.

Firstly, I’ve had to fix TWiki to put the headers and footers into the correct thead and tfoot HTML sections, and then there are the ‘tiny buglets’ 🙂

  1. sometimes the yui component initialises with only part of the html table
  2. yui hides all rows in the thead and tfoot section (so you loose the spreadsheet calculations we do in TWiki)
  3. you have to hand define the table header elements at the moment, rather than having an option to ‘autodetect’ their names, and possible sorty-ness

But it is a nice begining. I’ll be doing further work on it in TWiki (especially in the BugsContrib, and its derived task manager), and i’m planning on replacing the Catalyst DBIx paging with the dataTable Paging in mySpending.