A surprise move for the not quite open source project TWiki – kick people out of the dev mailing list

I guess having other people see what you’re working on is too threatening for the not-quite open source project TWiki.

It seems that allot of the developers that moved their main attention from TWiki to Foswiki have been kicked out of the public mailing list without warning, explanation or permission.

I guess its somewhat consistent with the password protection of the irc logs of the #twiki channel on Freenode (snigger).

I initially though that my mailing list password had been hacked, or maybe theirs, but thinking further, it feels consistent with the lack of deep understanding of the idea of ‘open’

@font-face support?

I thought I’d try out what font-face support is like now, by using Font Squirrel’s Dustismo GPL font ‘it just works’ package. Last time I worked with it, I reverted back to using a image to get the top-left ‘fosiki’ logo¬† – I’ll leave that for now, because the font sizes and spacing is a bit off.

All that to get a web site that looks ‘similar’ to my business card.

Its running live here on this blog – and it looks to me like it works!

IE6 looks a bit haggard, but then how old is it?

Next up I’ll have to update my fosiki Foswiki theme – good to see this technology actually works this time – I’ve tried it out since IE5.5 got some ‘sortof support’ :}

All I had to do was upload the @font-face package built by Font Squirrel, add a single css file containing the font-face definitions, and update my stylesheet to use that named font.

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”http://fosiki.com/blog/wp-content/themes/fosiki-theme/Dustismo/stylesheet.css” type=”text/css” charset=”utf-8″>