New Dynamic jquery mb.Menus for foswiki

I’ve just started work adding Matteo Bicocchi’s rather stunning mb.Components – starting with mb.Menu. Along the way, adding foswiki Macro’s to make it simpler for us to use, I’ve also made some changes to the code (which hopefully I can get integrated into an mb.Menu release) that I have attached to the live demo.

Here’s the all important Screenie:

foswiki for windows updated to version 1.0.8

foswiki 1.0.8 and windows installer released

I built and uploaded foswiki 1.0.8 installer for windows last night – hope you like it, cos i’ll be on holidays for a few days 🙂

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on an SAP connector for foswiki – I can display most SAP Tables, and call most SAP functions – all via ‘RFC’ – right now we’re working towards a proactive system healthcheck report, but it pretty much will allow us to build any SAP process right into foswiki. Cool huh.

and for fun I’ve been working on making a replacement DocumentGraphics icon set based on FamFamFamContrib for foswiki – the 10 year old hand drawn one really is dated.

Foswiki 1.0.7 on a USB Stick


I’ve updated the USB Foswiki to include foswiki 1.0.7, and updated the systray controller to be a little more slick 🙂

I’m still looking for feedback from users – Its a nice fast way to try out foswiki without needing to install anything – just unzip the archive into the root of a disk, and click start_foswiki.bat (on Windows XP the autorun should start that automatically for you)

Foswiki 1.0.7 released.

Continuing our commitment to bug fixing and solving difficult security issues, we’re proud to announce that the Foswiki project has released 1.0.7.

This release contains:

  • an upgraded Wysiwyg editor : TinyMCE 3.2.2
  • table plugin sorting improvements
  • CSRF fixes and streamlineing
  • and a series of Windows related improvements

see for more details, and to download the update.

I’m updating the Foswiki On a USB Stick at the moment, and will then work on Windows and Debian.


Ohloh shows a very comforting graph for me – over the year, we’ve been maintaining our momentum, and regularly have over 10 different contributors every month.

Foswiki on a USB stick (updated)

FoswikiOnAStick v0.1 (running foswiki 1.0.6)

Foswiki on USB (4-Sept-2009 v0.3)

I was asked on Friday night if I could make a demo foswiki USB system, and given that its high time we did one, I started to look into it. Initially I thought this would be a great oportunity to try out the HTTPEngine work Gilmar has been doing, but we’re not quite there yet. And so, I started a quick perusal of the existing WebServer on a Stick systems. Ideally, I want to use Strawberry perl, apache, and have the server and a browser start up automatically when the USB stick is inserted into the computer.

  • MicroApache
  • Server2Go

MicroApache was the first thing i looked at, as the contact pointed out DokuWikiOnAStick, but that server doesn’t seem to have source, nor is the upstream web site there (last release seems to be 2007, so too old for Strawberry perl too) Server2Go looks nice, but as its not really free in the debian sense, I’ll pass on that unless nothing else works. XAMPP unzipped it, foswiki and did some minor configurations. unziped, removed everything except apache, added strawberry perl, and wrote a systray icon and menu system for you to control it with. TADA! FoswikiOnAStick v0.1v0.3 (running foswiki 1.0.6). please try it out.

FoswikiOnaStick syste tray menu
FoswikiOnaStick system tray menu

Instructions for use:

  1. download the Foswiki on a Stick zip file
  2. unzip it to the root of your USB key (or any drive)
  3. start the systray app, web server and browser using start_foswiki.bat (goto http://localhost/ if the browser doesn’t start) (unblock / allow apache to get through the windows firewall)

before ejecting the usb key, you need to stop the webserver by running stop_foswiki.bat yes, thats all. Please report any issues or observations to me –

  • the web server runs at the standard port 80, so if there is already a web server running it will fail
  • when the web server starts, it will probably be blocked by Windows firewall – every time I’ve tested, a dialog pops up, and allows you to unblock it.
  • ….


I have made no attempt (yet) to reduce the accesses to the disk – so it may use up all the blue smoke in your usbkey, cause your bits to turn green, or one of many other unforseen side effects which may or may not appear amusing if they happen to someone else. I’ve tested this on Windows7rc, Windows Vista, Windows2003server, and Windows XP – if it works for you, excellent :).