productivity boost – get 2 more hours in your day!

For years (over 15) I’ve lived with the need to get about 10 hours sleep per night – initially to recover from Post-viral syndrome, and then later just because thats what it took to be at my most productive.

Like most people, I’ve longed to get some of those hours back, preferably without the insanity of Uberman zombie sleep.
Last week, we did it! I now wake up refreshed in 8-9 hours! every night, and less if I work through the wee hours.

The secret? We bought a new bed. Not a cheap one either – thou the 50% off sale made that decision much much easier. Total cost – equivalent to 30 hours consulting – which is a heck of a bargain, given that I now have ~ 300-600 more hours per year to work, rest and play.

So, if you need more time in your day, or perhaps just more regularly productive days – go out and buy a new bed.

Author: Sven Dowideit

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